i matter.  I am important, and i am 


your family should know this without question

I see you frazzled mom...Keeping all the craziness of day to day family life in running order to serve those you love.  But when was the last time you were in the photos with them?  I know, I know....I said the exact same things to myself:  When I lose 20 pounds, when I have extra time (is that even a thing?!) I can pose you in the most flattering way possible and make sure you wear the best possible outfit to make you feel gorgeous.

So I got this for you- I will help you plan where, help with what to wear, and how to prepare everyone so it isn't something they dread- even DAD!

One day, your kids will look for photos of you.

Make sure its a portrait with both of you in it, showing the love and connection between a mom and her babies.

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